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My Version of “12 Days of Christmas” Gifting

My Version of “12 Days of Christmas” Gifting
2014/12/17 Better Blueprint

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I was going to try and pull off my version of “12 Days of Christmas” – to gift something to my readers for 5 (not 12) straight days leading up to Christmas but with everything going on, I couldn’t make it happen. That doesn’t mean I don’t love y’all….I just gave away a $100 Saks Fifth Avenue gift card!

Instead, I’ve gathered a few specials from some of my favorite brands and I’ll be sharing those with you…in exchange for a little bit of love thrown my way in the form of blog comments!

So my first “Day of Christmas” is to provide you with 25% off ALL Soybu products ~ anxious/ready to get your workout into full swing, or perhaps your wife’s?!? Wait- guys they have stuff for you too so don't miss out!

Simply share one holiday tradition here and you’ll instantly receive a code to give you 25% off ALL Soybu products (good through December 31st)!

Super easy. Super giving. Super fit!

And my "12 Days of Christmas  continues...

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Comments (7)

  1. Our holiday tradition is quiche, Guyanese garlic park and fruit bread for breakfast on Christmas morning – can’t wait!!

  2. *pork whoops!

  3. Saranah 2 years ago

    Just realized I have no traditions 🙁 I’m going to have to start one myself!

  4. Author
    Better Blueprint 2 years ago

    Saranah- say it ain’t so! No better time than the present…. Let me know what you come up! My suggestions would be around food served, a late afternoon or evening to-do, giving something to someone, etc

  5. Nicole 2 years ago

    Our holiday tradition is to gather with extended family – great aunts and uncles, second and third cousins – for dinner including chitterlings and pig feet. So I need some excersise clothes!

  6. Author
    Better Blueprint 2 years ago

    Nicole- I hear you and that sounds fabulous! Family and food….!

  7. Estee 2 years ago

    Sticky buns!!!

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