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  • Apr292013
    men's shoe vamps

    Do You Have Shoe Vamps?

    Every male client I have asks "What are shoe vamps?" And then undoubtedly a quizzical look.... The answer: it's the…

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  • Apr262013

    What’s In Their Handbags

    What would you expect to find in the designer handbags of Vogue's fashion & beauty editors?. We got a peek…

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  • Apr252013
    mens blazer, spring essentials

    Eight Spring Essentials For Men

    Men don't care about "outfits". They care about closets that have the right clothes. Here are your spring essentials to…

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  • Apr252013

    Denim Day! Imogene + Willie

    Do you love denim? How many pairs of jeans do you own? You ever heard of Imogene + Willie? Maybe…

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  • Apr232013
    thigh highs, hosiery, Hanes, #Hanes247

    Haute Hanes Hosiery For My LBD

    Yes. Tights, stockings and thigh highs are perfect for spring because warm during the day and cooler in the evening…

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  • Apr222013
    men's must-have shoe for spring, loafer

    The Men’s Must-Have Shoe This Spring

    You guessed right if you said....the loafer is the men's must-have shoe for spring! Not just any loafer ~ it…

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  • Apr182013

    The 501 Is 140

    It was 140 years ago that Levi Strauss introduced the 501 jean ~ with its patented riveted pockets. In large…

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  • Apr172013

    How Should Your Jeans Fit?

    We get the question of how jeans should fit from men all the time: what about relaxed or bootcut? low…

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  • Apr162013

    Derek Lam’s DesigNation Collection is Here – Finally!

    "There is a back story to every print..." What you need to know exclusively at Kohl's line was inspired by…

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  • Apr152013

    Girls Night In: Out, Conversation & Polish

    Girls Night In is a fun tradition that I share with my g'friends and while life has been somewhat hectic…

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