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  • May312013
    summer playlist, songs of summer

    Ultimate Playlist of Summer Songs

    Summer Playlist 2013 Memorial day marked the beginning of summer ~ and although it doesn't officially kick off until June…

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  • May302013
    SPF protection, sun stick, Shiseido

    SPF Protection

    Summer can be fun if you're protecting your assets like your face correctly. SPF protection is essential whether you're a…

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  • May292013
    madras, shorts, men's summer essential

    Appeal to the Preppy: Madras

    We're talking about classics because men, in general, buy to build not because of fads or what's in fashion. A…

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  • May282013
    leopard print, fashion prints

    Cheetah vs. Leopard Print

    We have been using them interchangeably when, in reality, cheetah and leopard print are not only not the same but…

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  • May242013
    complete looks-outfits-activewear-outdoors

    An Outfit for Active Outdoors Outings

    One of the biggest questions of the season (& ongoing for that matter), is how can I do fun outdoors/active…

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  • May232013
    what to wear, summer weddings

    What Men Should Wear To Any Wedding

    At some point this year, likely this summer, you will have to attend or perhaps even be in a wedding.…

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  • May212013

    Spring Up Your House With Small Accents

    Making your house spring-ready doesn't have to mean spending a fortune. Instead, consider a few colorful (or accent) additions that…

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  • May172013

    “Runway” Ready: Traveling In Style

    I've figured out that I spend approximately 42% of my time traveling including local and overseas. Therefore, I'm always searching…

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  • May152013
    eyglasses-rivet & sway

    Spec-tacularly Styled Eyeglasses

    If you're an eyeglasses (or contact lenses) wearer, you should understand the gravity of selecting the right pair of spectacles…

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  • May142013
    mens sportcoats - blazers

    Blazing Trails With The Right Blazer

    Take a look at the's a typical get-up for any guy (blue pants + white button down) but, when…

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