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Archive for July, 2014

  • Jul302014

    Addictions…of the Face

    I've witnessed my skin glow. My friends and even possible frenemies notice. I've become wholly dependent on Orlane for maintaining…

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  • Jul282014

    Manly Monday: GQs 100

    GQ did a compilation of the 100 items a man should own to be stylish...but not overly so! While the…

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  • Jul252014
    metallic jacket, H&M

    Friday Buy-Day: Metallic Finish Jacket

    Have you ever found yourself ready to head to a party or a function that isn't actually formal but you…

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  • Jul232014

    What I’m Reading Wednesday

    This week has been God-awful-slow so I've turned my attention to cleaning up the massive backlog of magazines. I started…

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  • Jul222014
    pinch provisions, grooming, men's kits

    MANly Monday: Minimergency Kit

    First, I know I missed MANly Monday - it happens sometimes but there's no less love for you! On to…

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  • Jul222014
    baublebar, necklace

    BaubleBar Necklace Giveaway

    I love BaubleBar baubles...they're always fun and current! They even gifted me with three lovely necklaces including the Constellation Frontal…

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  • Jul172014

    BIG Little Tip to Wearing Heels Pain-Free

    As I learn, you learn.... So, if you've ever worn your heels all night and got home to some 'dogs…

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  • Jul162014

    What I’m Reading Wednesday

    Sometimes I think I read a lot and other times, I'm certain I'm lacking (see my stack of magazines in…

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  • Jul142014

    Casual Dress Inspiration

    So you throw on jeans and a button down shirt, and waah-laa - you're casual. Not! Actually you look like…

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