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Blueprint for Style Hit Tokyo & Fathom Caught It

Posted by Better Blueprint on April 10, 2012

Fathom is a cool site started by an ex-Daily Candy editor, Jeralyn Gerba, and Pavia Rosati. Fathom is an online travel hub that gives practical advice from places they like, writers they trust (us!), and stories that move them. They do these cool postcards around a theme called "I Travel for the..." {BTW ~ I travel for chance to find something that will make me jump up and down in little circles as if it were Christmas day}.

Well, Fathom is creating a Tokyo guide and yours truly got to share a bit of style insight and travel savvy. You can check out the site and read my write-up, "Got a Yen to Spend" ~ it's all about vintage shopping in Ginza.

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  1. Fezelry Jewelry, 2012/04/11:

    Great article! And… thats a super cute pic of you Monica!

  2. Barnettm2, 2012/04/11:

    Thanks Fez!

  3. Chione, 2012/04/11:

    Great dress!

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