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Grown Up House

Grown Up House
2015/01/27 Better Blueprint
{Artstar - Glitter at Dusk} This bedroom even looks more stylish with a simple picture!!

{Artstar - Glitter at Dusk} This bedroom even looks more stylish with a simple picture!!

Use parchment paper and painters tape to get the layout just right BEFORE drilling holes in the walls. I have seen this before but they traced the frames and put up a whole sheet with the outlines and hangers rather than individual cut outs

{pinterest} this represents how you'd lay out a "gallery". this isn't me; I want one...maybe two pieces at a time!


I've been obsessed with making my house a"grown up" house recently. You ask, "what's a grown up house?" and while one could argue that anywhere you pay a mortgage constitutes a 'grown up' house, I'm really talking about the inside. I love the colors I've chosen and some of the furniture I've managed to acquire but it's been missing something - pictures! I have lots that I love and I'm bringing them out of the woodwork to see what belongs where - that includes a few new purchases that I'm scooping out.

Part of a stylish home is a home that reflects you, and besides the choice of paint, I can think of nothing more personal than artwork. So I've taken to the 'net to come up with inspiration...and goods. Let me preface this by saying I am not an art collector but rather a fan of what makes me smile - that's it.

I've enlisted the help of ArtSpace, ArtStar (I will be acquiring Flights of Fancy!) and Amazon (for frames and matting for current pictures).

Carlysle shelving

I've decided/determined the coolest houses have I'm on to making my house my grown up! What is your house project this year?!

One of the pieces I want....

{ - L'ancien Regime}

{ - L'ancien Regime}

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  1. Rnett 2 years ago

    I’m house hunting right now and on the top of my list is fabulous foyer for a chandelier like the one above and mature home accessories. All of my college dorm room accessories have been officially boxed and put up..

    Thanks for the new site I’ll be using Artstar for inspiration in the near future.

    PS – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new mobile design!!!!!

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