New York Fashion Week: Doo Ri

New York Fashion Week: Doo Ri

{photo by Marcus Tondo,}

Doo Ri Chung's runway show was 'business as usual' and she returned to her well known roots as a "drapaing" queen. The overall palette was not colorful ~ highlighted by pale pink, browns and eggplant.

Style Notes: I have been a fan of Doo Ri's easy silhouette's and slightly suppressed styling; she presented some very nice looks but nothing stunning

Runway to Walkway: most pieces can make their way into the professional woman's wardrobe without much fuss, but with a large impact on your overall style savvy

Overall: while Chung returned to her draping-norm and the runway looks didn't knock you off your seat, they're very wearable and present fabulous takes on easy pieces. 7.5/10

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