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“Pinch” Me – I Must Be Dreaming

“Pinch” Me – I Must Be Dreaming
2012/12/03 Better Blueprint

Pinch Provisions is the maker of the minimergency kit {available for men and women}. Since receiving my first one, it has traveled with me including my most recent trip to Paris in October.

It's chock full of 17 little items that you never knew you needed including clear nail polish, nail polish remover, earring backs, double-sided tape, dental floss, adhesive bandage and much more.

And now I get to share this little bundle of joy with you! Pinch Provisions was kind enough to provide two (one for me, one for you) glitter minimergency kits in red and silver. I wanted to keep one but since I already have one, I want to share!!

WIN your own Minimergency Kit {valued at $15 each}:

  1. Tell us the one item in the minimergency kit that you think is most essential & why
  2. Go to our FaceBook Fan Page and write "red" or "silver" to indicate your kit color preference
  3. Contest runs through December 14th. Winner announced on December 17th (just in time for Holiday travel)!

Comments (10)

  1. San D 4 years ago

    Safety pins! They are a MUST HAVE!

    PS: The kits are super glam! XO

  2. MB_Blueprint 4 years ago

    safety pins – yes! I think matches!

  3. ♥♥RaShonda♥♥ 4 years ago

    Definitely nail polish remover. You can’t walk around with chipped nail polish.

  4. MB_Blueprint 4 years ago

    You are so right (and unfortunately, I am doing just that today)!

  5. Pammy Pam 4 years ago

    nail file? snag it on something and you’ll ending up ripping it or scratching your face!

  6. C Williams 4 years ago

    I think the adhesive bandage because you never know…

  7. MB_Blueprint 4 years ago

    I do like the bandages…but I carry a couple of Hello Kitty ones all the time!

  8. MB_Blueprint 4 years ago

    but a nail file is a great way to ensure you can keep your nail when it breaks

  9. KLATravel 4 years ago

    The double sided tape because you never know where the gaps are until you’re out of the house and sitting down!

  10. MB_Blueprint 4 years ago

    Or if you’ve mistakenly tripped on your pant hem, it’s excellent to hold it together!!

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