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  • Jan192017

    work saucy dress

    I'm doing more business-focused work in 2017 but not soo business that I need to be in a suit. And…

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  • Apr242015

    Ready for the Weekend: Sequin Dress

    Call me crazy but I'm trying to get as much use out of all of my pieces as possible....thus, the…

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  • Sep172013

    Leather: For Today, Fall & Forever

    Make no mistake, I'm in love with leather (and navy blue). Both are classics but leather let's you kick it…

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  • Jul152013
    petite, dresses, small frame, WHIT Two

    Pretty, Petite, Perfect Dress!

    Whitney Pozgay is slightly "vertically challenged" thus, has an appreciation for clothing that helps the more petite among us reach…

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  • May072013
    sporty spring dresses inspired by street style

    Spring Dresses Inspired By Street Style

    Giovanna Battaglia adds a scarf for panache but the sportiness of spring dresses is evident ~ and will look just…

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  • May032013
    strapless dress, canary yellow, trend for fall 2013

    The Strapless Dress….For Now & Later

    The strapless dress has new life ~ perfect for transitioning into spring with a pretty cropped cardigan but, also for…

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  • Aug302012

    Liking Luscious, Ladylike Leather This Season

    Leather is running rampant this season and to keep it sleek and feminine, the runways and concrete walkways are sporting…

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  • Aug152012

    Singing A New Tune With This Tun-ic Dress

    Singer/songwriter Mollie King of The Saturdays (a British girl group) was seen sporting this and I wanted to share. It's…

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  • Aug132012

    Peplum & A Stolen Post

    I read lots of blogs everyday and last week I saw a post by Girl with Curves and feel in…

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  • Jul182012

    Midweek Style In A Jiffy

    I want to look like this on any given Wednesday. This Szeki cap sleeve shirtdress¬†($118) is effortless, strong, bold, easy,…

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