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Men’s Beauty Must Have: Warming Balm

It sounds like an oxymoron to say “men’s beauty must have” but guys need to take care of themselves too! I was already looking at this balm, two former athlete-friends mentioned it and then I saw it featured in a magazine… I’m sure you’re supposed to have this Molton Brown is already a recognized name […]

Men’s Facial Hair

“Back in the day” having facial hair meant you simply needed to have the genes that allowed for fruitful growth but, that was then and this is now. Today, you need to trim it up and make it neat to win any double-takes or brownie points with the ladies. I had a chance to see […]

Out With Old Dopp Kit, In With The New

You travel (a lot or a little)? You use shaving cream? You need a toothbrush? You hate spending money unnecessarily? You need to be a little better organized? If you answered “yes” to these questions (or even just “yes” to the first question) then you need DC’s dopp kit. Features: 600d polyester construction outside hook […]

The Best Shave Ever!

Your face is your calling card; and if you’re calling card is wrinkled, dirty, road-weary, or just not fresh, who’s going to want it? No matter the season, climate, or apparatus, we’ve done our research to provide the top keys to getting the best shave ever: You’ve got to soften the skin ~ this is […]

Put the “Man” Back Into Father’s Day

Grooming is the gift that keeps on giving ~ because a fab face is the first thing you see on any man (and then his overall style). Whether it’s The Art of Shaving’s kits (our favorite is the TSA-approved, 4-piece sandalwood scented carry-on kit for $50), or razors (Gillette’s most advanced technology in the Ivory Fusion razor for $80 […]

Manly Monday Style Meter

Remember when…… You knew what it took to rev your engine. Top five libido killers….. Putting your best foot forward was simple. Best brogues for fall…. Caring for your clothing counted? Guide to how often to clean your suits….

Manly Monday Style Meter

When being seated at a restaurant, the lady should always be seated facing toward the inside of the restaurant Be on the lookout for Jack Purcell Leather Johnny Jack Purcell Leather Johnny Style note: starting next week, we’ll be kicking off a feature called Men’s Must-Do or Do-Over? [photo from Details Magazine, October 2011]

Manly Monday Style Meter

Wait for tomorrow’s post, but men can have VPL too (guy’s ask a girl what ‘VPL’ is) A “top 5″ chick magnet characteristic — the ability to listen…and act on what you hear! Style note: a non-ribbed turtleneck not only allows you to stay fairly warm while wearing a blazer or light jacket, but also provides instant for […]

Air It Out!

You come home after a 12-hour day and toss your clothes on a chair, or perhaps you throw them on the bed – – all in hopes of airing them out before putting them back in your closet.  Not cool!  Opt for a more fastidious and dapper option, a clothes valet.  This one even has […]

Even in the Heat, Stay Cool Down Under

Men — it’s the middle of summer, 90+ degrees, you’re sweating like you’re running a marathon, you’re trying to keep your cool while sitting across from a beautiful lady….you realize you may not be quite as cool ‘down under’ as you orignally thought!  The answer is Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder. It’s a point-and-shoot talc […]

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