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Pronouncing Designer Names….Still

Yesterday we gave you the first list and since Harper’s Bazaar came out with their second list, so did we! More names and wonderful designers. Learn a couple and then impress your friends…. A Détacher: ah day-tah-shay Acne: ahk-nay Alber Elbaz: ahl-bear el-bahz Alexandre Vauthier: ah-lex-ahn-der voh-tee-ay Andrew Gn: an-drew jin Anya Hindmarch: ahn-yuh hind-marsh […]

6 Things We Want to Share This Week

The summer Olympics are three months away but, Ralph Lauren unveiled his Olympic and Paralympic designs this week that consisted of all white with red & blue accents. They are available at Ralph Lauren for purchase. Not to be outdone, Stella McCartney released her summer Olympic designs for Great Britian’s team ~ the first time a […]

High-end Handbag Lover

  Are you one? I used to think I was until I started running my own business….LOL. I have a solid collection of Chloe’s and the likes, but I’ve come to realize I’m not nearly as high-end as my grandiose hallucinations lead me to believe. Here are 10 top handbag brands — which do you […]

Striped Down to the Bone

Spring is all about color, but as a guy too much color can leave you too much of a standout.  This Ralph Lauren polo, “Indian Blue”, is the perfect way to usher in a bright spring without chirping too loudly.  It works great with jeans, or going into summer with chinos or white jeans.

How Old is Polo?

From polos to club ties to argyle socks, Ralph Lauren has spent the past forty years showing Americans our style heritage—even if he had to invent it first.  But this belt goes as well with a pair of beat-up jeans as with a gray flannel suit, as well with flat-front khakis as with madras shorts. 


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