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  • Jul312015

    Stylish Reading: In My Shoes

    In My Shoes, Tamara Mellon Solid read... I have MUCH respect for Tamara Mellon especially given her humble and pedestrian…

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  • Apr282015

    Step Lightly into Spring: Flats (Part 3/5)

    I now wear them more than I ever imagined but, for others they are the go-to so let's plan to…

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  • Apr142015

    Step Lightly Into Spring: Wedges (Part 1/5)

    Admittedly wedge heels are not my favorite....mostly because they create extra weight near the ankle and thus, can look clunky.…

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  • Feb062015

    The History of High Heels

    The fables are long and some even funny but, here's the truth about high heels and how they came about.…

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  • Jan052015
    suede rubber, redecker, shoes, handbags, suede cleaner

    Suede Rubber

    I'm showing this on MANly Monday but this is a tool for anyone who owns suede! I've tried it and…

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  • Jun262014

    If Only Dorothy Had These Red Pumps

    "When I think of home, I think of a place where there's love overflowing. I wish I was home, I…

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  • Apr042014

    Francesco Russo: A Fetishist to the Sole

    Sergio Rossi. Costume National. Miu Miu. Yves Saint Laurent. Self-proclaimed “shoe fetishist”, Francesco Russo creates truly sexy footwear. Are you…

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  • Feb112014

    My Atlanta Travel Outfit

    My sister is getting married, so I headed down to Atlanta for her bridal shower and a quick 24 hours…

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  • Feb082014
    pumps-heels-jean michel cazabat-outnet

    ALL of These Jean Michel Cazabat Shoes Are Under $200

    Weekend shoe porn....! All of these lovely, sexy, ogle-worthy shoes are by designer Jean Michel Cazabat, and all are under…

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  • Oct142013

    My Want List

    My want list gets revised often and the latest rendition has me firmly in love with t-strap heels. They are…

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