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Health & Fitness

  • Apr222016

    Ready for the Weekend: bkr Water Bottle

    It's such a small little thing and there are so many that exist in all colors, shapes and sizes that…

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  • Feb262016

    Money Can Buy Happiness!

    Whoever said 'money can't buy happiness' obviously didn’t have enough of it and when I say “enough of it”, I’m…

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  • Feb022016

    Spice Up Your Health With Ginger

    I'm a recent ginger convert....thanks in part to my girlfriend, Jodi, who puts it in any drink we have (I…

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  • Nov042015

    Personal Branding at Washington School for Girls: Health & Fitness

    This week's session focused on health & fitness and how they shape your personal brand was our most interactive session…

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  • Dec172014
    workout clothing, Soybu, health, fitness

    My Version of “12 Days of Christmas” Gifting

    I was going to try and pull off my version of “12 Days of Christmas” – to gift something to…

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  • Oct012014

    To Get a Flat Stomach, Do This

    It's an aspiration we all have or share. And we all want to get it by doing nothing (or as…

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  • Sep262014

    To Be Fashionably Fit Responsibly

    It's a constant pursuit and, frankly, I'm not giving up! I'm going to be more fit tomorrow than I am…

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  • Apr032014

    Plum To Some. Prune To Others.

    Plums. Yum! Prunes. Yuck! “Including improving digestion, drinking the dark purple juice may also help to prevent chronic diseases because…

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  • Mar182014

    Rest Well in Eight Moves

    The last month or so I've been having a lot of restless nights. Sure, there's some stuff on my mind…

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  • Mar052014

    U by Kotex Protects, Sponsored

    This is a sponsored post for U by Kotex through The bLink Marketing Network. U by Kotex provided me products to…

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