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  • Oct222013

    Custom Blend Foundation

    I love fall even though I quietly lament the passing of summer (long days, hot weather, sunny days, sand in…

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  • May302013
    SPF protection, sun stick, Shiseido

    SPF Protection

    Summer can be fun if you're protecting your assets like your face correctly. SPF protection is essential whether you're a…

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  • Apr152013

    Girls Night In: Out, Conversation & Polish

    Girls Night In is a fun tradition that I share with my g'friends and while life has been somewhat hectic…

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  • Apr012013

    Don’t Be Fooled By Beauty Myths

    It's simple ~ we hear lots of information on any given day but some of the stuff we hear about…

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  • Mar182013

    Using Chella To Mask My Age

    Well not mask my age but to help ensure I'm aging gracefully....the Chella Resurfacing Enzyme & Lactic Acid Mask is…

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  • Feb132013

    Get A Step A-Head

    I am committed to running regularly but, as is the conundrum with many black women, my hair sometimes gets…

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  • Feb042013

    A Firm (But Soft) Nonverbal “Hello”

    As a stylist, I would tell you that your first "hello" to anyone that meets you is done with your…

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  • Feb012013

    Weekend DIY: Shaving Cream [VIDEO]

    I'm not a 'slave to the shave' fact, I'm a waxer but there are the times when my favorite spot…

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  • Jan272013

    Do “Vintage” Long Hair [VIDEO]

    I don't have long hair but, if I did, the vintage look would be me. What about you? Ever wonder…

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  • Dec212012

    Winner of Our CoverGirl Giveaway

    On Monday, we announced a contest for a mommy-to-be (or any fashionable soul) who wanted to win some cool CoverGirl…

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