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  • Nov072012

    Paris Beauty Purchase: Avibon—Avibon is a must purchase while in Paris to keep wrinkles at bay  VOGUE—Avibon is pumped full of skin-clearing wrinkle-blitzing Vitamin A…

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  • Oct242012

    Off to Paris- My Airport Attire

    What do you wear to the airport and on your flight? Here's a quick-n-dirty list of proper airport attire that…

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  • Oct222012

    My First Birthday Gift: A 31 Hour Tote

    This is my new birthday tote by 3.1 Phillip Lim, the '31 Hour' leather tote. It's perfect for my beauty/style…

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  • Oct202012

    Preparing for Paris

    It's been almost two years since I've been to the "City of Lights" but, I think of it often not…

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  • Sep262012

    Insider Beauty Trick: Eyelift

    "White eyeliner is an absolutely essential tool that every makeup artist has in their kit." - Alphonse Wiebelt {Professional Makeup…

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  • Sep112012

    All The {Nail} Colors of Fall 2012

    This last year I've gone a bit 'off script' with my nail colors ~ I mean I've done purples, yellows,…

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  • Sep072012

    Katie Holmes: the New Face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

    Bobbi Brown ~ great choice to make the  modern day Ali McGraw and newly single Katie Holmes the first-ever celebrity…

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  • Aug212012

    Do You Know Your Nail Polishes – Part 2?

    So you scribbled your best guesses and what did you come up with? Did you beat my 10 out of…

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  • Aug202012

    Do You Know Your Nail Polishes?

    I found this cute pop quiz on Racked and thought it would be fun to try. Are you a nail…

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  • Aug192012

    Hair Color – What Does Yours Says?

    L'Oreal Paris recently used Facebook to conduct its 2012 Hair Color Census and the results are in. Here is the…

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