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  • Dec172015

    And Three More Gifts Under $50!

    Maybe you're already thinking about New Years Eve....(and if you're like me then you're keeping it low-key) or just need…

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  • Dec152015

    More Gifts Under $50

    Let's keep the moola in our wallet and just spread the love....these three gifts under $50 are perfect for entertainers…

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  • Dec122015

    Gifts Under $50

    The hits just keep on comin'....a few more great gift ideas under $50! Today it's all about office organization, wine…

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  • Dec102015

    Great Gift Options Under $50

    Christmas should not be about giving gifts but enjoying the season and the reason! With that in mind, my posts are focused…

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  • Nov262015

    Sneak Peek at a Great Holiday Gift

    I'm a fan of "limited edition" items because it means not a lot of people will have it and it…

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  • Aug142015
    leopard print, matches, matchbox

    Ready for the Weekend: Matches

    I sounds weird but I fashion myself a mini-MacGyver (remember the television show?). Therefore, I always carry matches and…

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  • Jul252015
    Gain Flings, detergent

    My Scent Obsession…With Laundry Detergent!

    When Monica gets here, she’s not going to be happy with this smell…. Oh Monica, your place always smells so…

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  • Jun102015

    Bringing Style Home: Bath Caddy

    Do you ever want to read when you're chillin in the tub? Or have you tried only to drop your…

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  • Jun032015

    Bringing Style Home: Table Lamp

    I'm ok admitting it....the older I get, the more light I need in my house! I'm becoming my mother and…

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  • Apr162015

    Bringing Style Home: Inspiration

    I'm not a diligent blogger. I'm not the top in my field. I don't blog everyday. I have chronic 'writers…

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