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  • May172016

    Highberry Sauvignon Blanc

    It won't be long before I'm headed back to South Africa (fingers crossed it's sooner than later) but in the…

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  • Apr282016

    Six Must-See Movies For Fashion Lovers

    Do you love fashion? Are you as committed to the cause as the fashionista next to you? If so, then…

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  • Apr062016

    10 Steps To Declutter Your Closet : Part II

    Part II: Let's finish up strong..... Last week, we laid groundwork for getting the space (and our mind) ready to…

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  • Mar302016

    10 Steps To Declutter Your Closet : Part I

    Part I: Let's start with the easy stuff..... It could be termed "psychological warfare" because cleaning your closet can really…

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  • Feb262016

    Money Can Buy Happiness!

    Whoever said 'money can't buy happiness' obviously didn’t have enough of it and when I say “enough of it”, I’m…

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  • Jan222016

    Taking Stylish NOTES in 2016

    I was sitting at a meeting a couple of weeks ago and one of my fellow JLWers sits down and…

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  • Jan212016

    Roadtrip Part 1: Preparing for The Roadtrip Makes The Trip Better!

    I packed light using my Lo & Sons OG #travel bag and fit ALL of this: Beauty bag with just…

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  • Jan192016

    2015 in Review: Top Food Crazes

    2015 saw lots of "cool" terms and the rise of a number of food trends. The top ones included: "locally…

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  • Jan122016

    Rockin’ A Camry For The Holidays

    I was determined to keep this holiday season low-key and relaxed, and it was going to start with a leisurely…

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  • Jan042016

    2015 in Review: Top Fashion Figures

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