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  • Jul082015

    [Poll] Which Kim Kardashian Look Do You Like Best?

    I'm not a Kim Kardashian lover but here's what she does with a viciousness: she stays in her sartorial lane (or…

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  • Jun242015

    [Poll] One Summer MUST Do

    Personally, I'm planning to host an outdoor movie night later this summer, and about four of the other items listed!…

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  • Jun182015

    [Poll]: Clothing Swap?

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  • May132015

    [POLL] Wardrobe Must Have(s)

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  • Apr292015

    POLL: If You Received A $5,000 Check Today, What Would You Do?

    I definitely have some ideas and while they're not all good, they would make me happy! But what would YOU…

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  • Apr222015

    POLL: What Is Your Favorite Clothing Brand Right Now?

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  • Apr152015

    POLL: How Much Of Your Wardrobe Do You Actually Use?

    There are numbers flying all over the place on this but an old study (over 8 years old) says that…

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