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  • Oct232009

    Tie Designer, David Hart

    From Scottish tartans to 50s girlie designs, David Hart has covered the gamet so, his Spring 2010 collection was an…

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  • Oct152009

    ID: DtB

    Code Name: Down to Business (DtB) Given Name: leather briefcase Alias': briefcase, satchel, bag, brief, carryall, luggage Uses: to carry…

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  • Oct062009

    Men’s Travel Essential

    Fellas you travel -- and you travel often!  One of the biggest complaints I hear is that your men's furnishings…

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  • Oct012009

    Ted Baker Canvas Carryall

    Men to be on the move is cool, but to do it in style is a calling!  There are lots…

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  • Sep012009

    14 Days of Fall Fashions! Day 7 & Every Man Needs a Dimepiece

    Every man needs a dimepiece aka a beautiful woman!  LOL - I'm joking; I really mean every man needs a…

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  • Aug262009

    Oh La La Lustful Item

    Does this ooze with class and sophistication...or what?!  If anyone is interested in purchasing, please contact Smith & Company in Houston,…

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  • Aug042009

    The Comeback of Cash or Perhaps the Cache of Cash

    Until about a year or two ago, it was “in” to flash your platinum card or the most ostentatious card…

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  • Aug032009

    Men It’s Time!

    Men, It's Time...Literally!! To kick off our Men's Week, Blueprint for Style is focusing on one of the most critical…

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  • Jul092009

    Ties, Shirts & Suits – How To Make Them Work…

    I have some definite know-how when it comes to pulling men’s business attire together but, I don’t know it all. …

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  • Jul012009

    Light It Up!

    For guys, there’s some connection with cigars.  I’m a woman so, I don’t know what it is but I need…

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