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  • May142015

    Before Wedding Season Kicks Into Full Swing: Tux The Situation!

    We're into the second week of matrimonial madness compliments of InsideHook ~ to ensure you're ready to propose and make…

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  • May072015

    Before Wedding Season Kicks Into Full Swing: How To Propose

    Gents- I found this new website called InsideHook A couple of weeks…

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  • Feb232015

    Fashion Mistakes Most Men Make

    I recently conducted a style evaluation from a young gentlemen who claimed he wanted to move his style from junior…

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  • Jul222014
    pinch provisions, grooming, men's kits

    MANly Monday: Minimergency Kit

    First, I know I missed MANly Monday - it happens sometimes but there's no less love for you! On to…

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  • Apr282014

    MANly Monday: Black Tie Tutorial

    It's always the season for black tie but unless you're in the mix often, you can sometimes forget what's what…

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  • Mar312014

    MANly Facts: On Being “Normal”

    In a recent Esquire survey, 44% of men said it was not important to be perceived as normal and fully 29%  said…

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  • Mar172014

    Monday MANifesto: Change Your Underwear

    I'm not a guy but if you are then you are either a boxer, briefs, or boxer-briefs guy....or so you…

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  • Mar102014
    Dior Homme-cologne-scents

    Monday MANifesto: Scents That Stop You

    Ladies- have you ever stopped mid-stride to sniff the air because there's something lingering that smells just yummy and you…

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  • Jul022013
    Molton Brown, sportbalm, men's beauty

    Men’s Beauty Must Have: Warming Balm

    It sounds like an oxymoron to say "men's beauty must have" but guys need to take care of themselves too!…

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  • Jun202013
    men's cologne for summer

    Summer Scents for Men

    Don't be smelly....but don't overpower a woman either. Your scent should follow you into a room, linger, and dissipate when…

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