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  • Apr292013
    men's shoe vamps

    Do You Have Shoe Vamps?

    Every male client I have asks "What are shoe vamps?" And then undoubtedly a quizzical look.... The answer: it's the…

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  • Mar042013

    Irrefutable Fact: Men Love Tech

    You know it's true! Even if these aren't tech-savvy, men love gadgets and are always looking for a techy shortcut…

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  • Feb232013

    The Navy Suit Blues

    I love navy blue {who doesn't know that if they've read my posts?!} so, when I read this article in…

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  • Feb192013

    Men’s Fall Color Report 2013

    I'm not suggesting that men should walk around sporting bright red or emerald green on an everyday basis but, a…

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  • Jan222013

    Men’s Facial Hair

    "Back in the day" having facial hair meant you simply needed to have the genes that allowed for fruitful growth…

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  • Jan082013

    Wall Street, Custom Suits & Men’s Aversion to Fashion [Video]

    WSJ talk with contributor J.J. Martin about the new style standard for men of means ~ the custom suit. The…

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  • Jan032013

    Use Your Rubbers

    Swims is the ultimate in protection (not Trojans) but, if you're interested in hanging loose, we love love love Prada's…

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  • Dec102012

    Out With Old Dopp Kit, In With The New

    You travel (a lot or a little)? You use shaving cream? You need a toothbrush? You hate spending money unnecessarily?…

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  • Nov082012

    Updated Men’s Casual #Uniform

    I've been searching for a look that said dapper but not too dandy, casual but not too relaxed, polished but…

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  • Oct312012

    US Esquire’s Nick Sullivan Talks Style

    You've GOT to check out this three-minute clip on the Mr. Porter website: it's Nick Sullivan, Fashion Director of US…

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