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  • Nov062013

    [Video] Fall Fashion Trends: Leather, Tweed, Cobalt Blue & More

    Waaay back in September, WUSA9 asked us come on air and share some top fall fashion trends. If you were…

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  • Oct282013
    men's footwear, brent to boot new york

    Men’s Fall Footwear: The Black Bootie

    Bootie may not sound macho but the boot is. We've gone with To Boot New York (again) but there are…

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  • Oct212013

    Men’s Fall Footwear: The Brown Boot

    This is it. Wear it with denim or slacks. Take it on your weekend trip to Las Vegas or your…

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  • Oct152013
    To Boot New York, monk strap, mens shoes

    Best Bargain Shoes for Men

    I've gone over it time and time again, and the end result is the same, To Boot New York, pound…

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  • Aug212013

    Spruce Your Shoes For Fall

    It's easy. It's 'what's hot'. It's inexpensive. It's colorful. Colored shoelaces ~ available lots of places but we found them…

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  • Aug072013
    fall footwear, men's socks

    Fall Footwear for Men

    Looks from: Saks Shoes by: To Boot New York Socks by: Hook & Albert and Paul Smith Fall footwear for…

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  • Jun182013
    summer feet, foot maintenance, footwear

    Feet Can Stink

    Given it's summer and we're adding heat to the mix, feet can stink therefore, it's essential to avoid 'the stank'!…

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  • Apr292013
    men's shoe vamps

    Do You Have Shoe Vamps?

    Every male client I have asks "What are shoe vamps?" And then undoubtedly a quizzical look.... The answer: it's the…

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  • Apr252013
    mens blazer, spring essentials

    Eight Spring Essentials For Men

    Men don't care about "outfits". They care about closets that have the right clothes. Here are your spring essentials to…

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  • Apr222013
    men's must-have shoe for spring, loafer

    The Men’s Must-Have Shoe This Spring

    You guessed right if you said....the loafer is the men's must-have shoe for spring! Not just any loafer ~ it…

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