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  • Mar142013

    Sneaker Alert: Adidas Roundhouse

    I'm a sneaker feen ~ and I didn't know it! But I saw these Adidas Roundhouse sneakers and…

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  • Jan032013

    Use Your Rubbers

    Swims is the ultimate in protection (not Trojans) but, if you're interested in hanging loose, we love love love Prada's…

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  • Oct182012

    Designing Jordans

    His name is Tinker Hatfield. He's the designer behind almost every pair of Nike Jordans. Most of his work is…

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  • Oct022012

    A How-To On Lacing Your Boots

    This comes directly from Mr. Porter and while we may not agree with all of their pricing, the advise they…

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  • Sep182012

    THE Shoe Purchase

    I've always been a proponent of menswear being seasonless - you dress up your investment pieces and sprinkle in a…

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  • Aug172012

    Lace-Ups For Fall

    Your autumn wardrobe would be incomplete without a pair of lace-ups. Which ones are you going to get this season?…

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  • Aug102012

    A Fashion No-No For Any Self-Respecting Professional Man

    Details recently did a piece on the Complete Guide to Slip-On Shoes and somehow these slip-on sneakers slipped into the line…

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  • Jun222012

    $231 Summer Outfit

    Shopping List: Polo Ralph Lauren washed cotton-twill cargo shorts ($22.50) ♦ Polo Ralph Lauren custom-fit oxford shirt ($30) ♦ Dolce & Gabbana…

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  • May252012

    Try Harder…Seriously

    Girls, aren't you a little bit tired of seeing men show up for casual events in sneakers, flip flops, birks,…

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  • May232012

    Shades of Grey

    Most men don't do color (I know we've talked about this before, right?). C'mon ~ just try something new and…

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