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Extra Size Style

  • May092015

    Plus Size How-To & Fashion Show

    “I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post. However, all…

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  • Aug292014

    Plus Size Shopping

    When you're plus size, shopping can be a b--- (bear)! Just because there are a few extra pounds or curves…

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  • Jan162013

    Extra Edge With Grommets & Gold

    I've been slipping on my plus-size insights and while many of the posts are flexible enough to size up (or…

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  • Aug132012

    Peplum & A Stolen Post

    I read lots of blogs everyday and last week I saw a post by Girl with Curves and feel in…

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  • Jul312012

    Flowers For The Plus Size Lady

    Prints especially florals can be a nightmare to wear...not to mention plus size options. We searched and found a fabulous…

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  • Jul202012

    A Little Extra Shrug

    Problem: You're ready to head out for a nice dinner and your top is sleeveless/short-sleeve. What do you wear? On…

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  • Jul052012

    Plus Size Swimwear

    I saw this shirred bandeau halter swimdress ($62) was instantly in love with Marilyn Monroe-esque/60's feel it conveyed. It provides…

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  • Jun262012

    Little Black Dress

      Ladies that are more curvaceous or more ample in certain areas always wonder which LBD they can rock -…

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  • Dec132011

    Haute Holiday Outfit

      This outfit is fabulous because it not only uses what you already have in your closet, but it works…

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  • Dec072011

    Celebrity Style: Angie Stone

    Angie Stone is full-figured and still loves to show her shape. She keeps it sophisticated by not showing skin (classy…

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