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  • Sep082016

    How To Resist Impulse Buying

    Do NOT be fooled, the secret is simple....but no one wants to share! Remember when your mom asked you to…

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  • Aug242016

    The Benefits of Repetition in Dressing

    It’s not a really big deal so don’t frown your nose at it…dressing using the same pieces can be a…

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  • Aug192016

    Another Style Download Available..for the Fellas!

    We've got more for you well for the fellas. We've already given the ladies the 9 Websites to Bookmark for…

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  • Apr152016

    Doing Casual Better…

    I've lived all over the world albeit mostly in the United States once I was "of age" but even in…

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  • Mar302016

    10 Steps To Declutter Your Closet : Part I

    Part I: Let's start with the easy stuff..... It could be termed "psychological warfare" because cleaning your closet can really…

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  • Mar172016

    Fit Is King

    As part of your effort to look put together at all times and Blueprint for Style's desire to help, we're…

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  • Mar152016

    The Devil Is In The Details

    You wanna be stylish right? You wanna look like your chic isn't overplayed or took too long right? You wanna…

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  • Nov262015

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Here is the definitive list of how to get your holiday shopping done without pulling out all of your hair…

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  • Jun302015
    Becca Cosmetics, bronzer

    Never Ask, “Where Did You Get That?” Again!

    How To Shop Monica's (@Blueprint4Style) Instagram You shouldn't feel funny asking where I got something or how much it costs...I'm…

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  • Apr272015

    Shopping Sucks!

    Pushy salespeople, big promises for small gains, bad lighting, multiple locations for the same items, "trick" mirrors, mountains of merchandise.…

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