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  • Nov262015

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Here is the definitive list of how to get your holiday shopping done without pulling out all of your hair…

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  • Jun302015
    Becca Cosmetics, bronzer

    Never Ask, “Where Did You Get That?” Again!

    How To Shop Monica's (@Blueprint4Style) Instagram You shouldn't feel funny asking where I got something or how much it costs...I'm…

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  • Apr272015

    Shopping Sucks!

    Pushy salespeople, big promises for small gains, bad lighting, multiple locations for the same items, "trick" mirrors, mountains of merchandise.…

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  • Apr152015

    POLL: How Much Of Your Wardrobe Do You Actually Use?

    There are numbers flying all over the place on this but an old study (over 8 years old) says that…

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  • Mar312015

    Style Challenge: I’m a Professional Who Wants to Push the Limits

    Are you the woman who lives by day in a professional and fairly conservative work environment but your inner fashionista…

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  • Mar162015

    How To Pack for ‘Hot & Humid’

    I’m ten days into my working vacation in south east Asia (Thailand and Vietnam) and the temps have been hovering…

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  • Mar132015

    How To Do A Style Menage a Trois

    Have you ever dreamed of a threesome? A print + 2 colors? One wrong move and your ménage à trois can…

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  • Mar062015

    My Top Ten Favorite Style Blogs

    WhoWhatWear - when I am feeling uninspired, I go here because the team of writers covers every possible scenario you…

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  • Dec312014
    Pat Cleveland, Peter Lindbergh, Vogue, cover photo

    2015 Aspirations

    So here were 2014's Goals & Intentions.... This year's aspirations are about financial freedom, style curation (of course), and focus.....…

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  • Oct032014

    Where Not To Wear Denim

      I'm in love with that invention called denim just as much as the next girl (or guy) but we…

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