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  • Mar072014

    In the Beginning, There was Darkness

    This is the first in a four part series around building your ideal wardrobe. You can spend a…

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  • Feb282014

    Building The Ideal Wardrobe Series

    You really want a personal stylist or someone/anyone to come into your closet, twinkle their nose, and create the ideal…

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  • Feb202014

    Pronouncing Designer Names….Still

    Yesterday we gave you the first list and since Harper's Bazaar came out with their second list, so did we!…

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  • Feb192014

    Pronouncing Designer Names

    Sure you don't want to ask anyone (especially if you're in the store itself) because they may look at you…

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  • Feb142014
    style-book-fashion-know how

    The 2014 Must-Read Style Guidebook

    It's out. It's here. It's funny! It's informative! It's refreshing. It's accurate. It's on-the-money. It's what every woman needs to…

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  • Dec212013
    fashion economics

    Infographic: Fashionomics

    Fashion can be considered a superfluous at times and I might be considered to agree. However, fashion is as everything…

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  • Dec182013
    holiday attire, holiday 2013, dressing right

    Racked DC: Tips To Look Polished For Holiday Office Party wanted to know how to dress appropriately when attending an office party, so we provided these seven tips to…

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  • Dec132013

    Infographic: White Tie Edified

    White tie. Black tie. Formal. After 5. What does your invite say? Here we show a great infographic that we…

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  • Aug142013
    ahalife, essenitals of making leather

    Eight Essentials Steps of Luxury Leather

    Last week we talked about the history of leather and this week {still focused on an easy transition into fall},…

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  • Aug072013

    The History of Leather

    Don't act like you don't know that I'm a hug fan of leather {or that I didn't collaborate on a…

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