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Style Tips

  • Mar112013

    Style Insight: If You’re Curvy

    LOOK FOR…  A semifitted style that hits at the point where the hips start to curve out or that just…

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  • Jan142013

    Not So Basic Black

    Black is not only a basic but, "the" basic, right? It's the go-to color for the majority of folks and…

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  • Dec102012

    A “Real” Runway, Role Model Mom?

    I'm not a mom. I have no children to speak of (other than my shoes and handbags). I do, however,…

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  • Dec072012

    Her Bra Is Too Small

    This picture from GQ (December 2012) shows Minka Kelly looking sexy I suppose. Men will say, "Yeah that's looking good."…

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  • Dec062012

    Jailhouse Style

    It's not jailhouse blues or even orange but, stripes! Besides creating a great optical illusion of added spice in a…

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  • Dec042012

    Style Tip: Stains

    Whether you acquired it before you left the house or while at lunch, stains create the appearance of messiness and…

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  • Nov262012

    They Say It’s A Man’s World

    Menswear-inspired suits. And if you paid attention to the resurgence of menswear, you'd agree. So, can you do it? All…

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  • Nov212012

    Style Tip: “The Girls”

    You can love them and embrace them but keep them under wraps until you leave the office. In general, showing…

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  • Nov092012

    Style Tip: Heels

    The closed-toe pump is the right footwear for success. Also any platform shoe with a heel in excess of 4…

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  • Nov022012

    Organized Closet, Better Style

    Make no mistake- a closet organizer cannot give you style but, they can shed light on what's in your closet…

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