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  • Mar212013

    Essence Magazine Style Advice

    I'm always honored when friends and clients ask me for advice ~ it's a chance to share my expertise and…

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  • Feb232013

    The Navy Suit Blues

    I love navy blue {who doesn't know that if they've read my posts?!} so, when I read this article in…

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  • Feb212013

    Fall Color Report 2013

    By now, you know Pantone's Color of the Year is Emerald Green but, here's a look at all of the…

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  • Feb192013

    Men’s Fall Color Report 2013

    I'm not suggesting that men should walk around sporting bright red or emerald green on an everyday basis but, a…

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  • Feb182013

    It’s In Black & White

    This season is all about the stark contrast of black and white. We've uncovered 11 pieces that are easy to…

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  • Feb162013

    What Is Your Decade of Color Influence?

    Besides navy blue, I have always loved earth tones, so the 1920s is perhaps my decade of color influence....which is…

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  • Feb152013

    Weekend Craving: Printed Moto Madness

    One of the style resolutions I made to myself {and shared with you} was to do more prints this year…

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  • Jan292013

    The 25 Most Expensive Stores In the United States

    Which ones do you shop at regularly? Here's how the most expensive stores in the United States were determined:…

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  • Jan252013

    The Belle of the Ball

    That was me! Not sure if I was supposed to be but, the 2013 Ambassadors Ball at Carnegie Library (across…

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  • Jan052013

    52 Week Money Challenge

    Want a fairly painless way to save $1,378 this year? Take the 52-week Money Challenge ~ each week you deposit the…

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