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  • Dec132012

    Emerald: Pantone 2013 Color of the Year

    Last year it was Tangerine Tango. The year before it was Honeysuckle. 2010 it was Turquoise. This year, Pantone's color…

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  • Dec032012
    wearing cobalt blue How To Rock Cobalt Blue

    Every wonder how best to rock one of Mrs. Obama's favorite colors? Read all about wearing cobalt blue here....

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  • Dec032012

    Holiday Gift Guide: Globetrotters

    Today's #giftguide is for the globetrotter that wants to make sure he or she can get where they're going in…

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  • Nov232012

    Daytime Sequins, Evening Sparkle

    Do you own sequins? I do (now)! Have you ever wondered whether you can wear sequins during the day? and…

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  • Nov162012

    H&M x Margiela Launch

    As with any high-low fashion collaboration, there are certain nuances to observe. Here are the finer points of the Margiela…

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  • Nov132012

    Karl Lagerfeld Sketches President Obama

    Karl Lagerfeld extemporaneously draws President Obama in chef whites holding a cake of the White House in front of the…

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  • Oct272012

    A Lesson in Whiskey

    I don't know a thing about whiskey....but it's stylish (& a bit sexy) to be able to order it right!…

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  • Oct192012

    Item of the Week: Feminine Leather

    Lately, I've been pausing on any page or sighting of leather - and no, I'm not succumbing to my inner…

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  • Oct182012

    Political Style Battle #3: Who Wore It Best?

    What a coinky-dink that Michelle Obama and Ann Romney both had a pink dresses for the debate this week! They're…

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  • Oct122012

    What Michelle Obama Means for Fashion [Infographic]

    We discovered this infographic and thought it was worthy of sharing. We all believe in the power of influence and…

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