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  • Nov092010

    Tokyo Etiquette & Social Norms

    Walk to the left Quiet in public Everyone carries handbags (even men and kids) Money is not exchanged hand to…

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  • Nov082010

    Westin Tokyo: Well-Blended Japanese Business

    We're all familiar with the Starwood brand (my fave), so the Westin Tokyo is a natural option.  Upon arrival, the entire…

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  • Nov072010

    Toyko Grand Hyatt is Modern Sexiness

    You are greeted by open space, shiny steel and colored glass; and courteous and quick assistance from the staff.  The Tokyo…

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  • Nov052010

    In Tokyo, Four Seasons Cuts Both Ways

    14 hours of airtime, 2 hours of airport waiting-time and 2 hours of bus travel – you are officially ready…

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  • Nov012010

    Taking Tokyo By Storm….

    I am utterly jetlagged and think it's because I was in coach, but as I chatted with a few folks…

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  • Oct012010

    Ultimate Family Vacation

    Read about my ultimate family vacation.

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  • Sep012010

    Forgiveness in Foresight

    I'm in Maui (six hours behind Eastern time) so, forgive me if my posts are 'short n sassy' while I'm…

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  • Aug312010

    On My Way to Maui…

    On my way to Maui today, I ran into a gentleman that provided great insight into traveling stylishly so, I…

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  • Aug132010

    Lanvin Travelling

    Comprised of leopard print silk slippers and a do-not-disturb-me eye mask and pouch, this new Lanvin on-the-go travel essential is ideal for…

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  • Aug112010

    On the Move…Stylishly

    Blueprint for Style is traveling today; headed to Chicago for Ebony Magazine's roundtable discussion on the real issues in public…

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