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  • Sep022014

    Travel Destinations: Instanbul, Chicago, Maine, Big Sur

    It's my new running list of where I wanna may be a restaurant in a different city, or an…

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  • May282014
    passport, travel

    Travel: With Visa or Without?

    This is a great mini-refresher for all the #travelers - a recap of which countries require a visa and which…

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  • May262014
    travel. men's furnishings, accessories case

    MANly Monday: Keep It Together

    Men need to keep it together better. And what better way to do it than with an accessories case?! Forget…

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  • May192014
    travel. shirt pack

    MANly Monday: Travel in Style

    Ey chaps! It's that time of year when you're hitting the road either with family, your significant other, or just…

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  • May142014
    saladin, vacation, capsleeve, dress

    Essential Vacation Piece: Dress

    When I saw this, I was immediately transported to a beach....with thoughts of strolling a beach, sunning on an oversized…

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  • May132014

    Traveling With No Style

    I’m not a travel snob but I do believe there’s a certain level of appropriateness you should aim for… ok,…

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  • May092014

    Travel: Drinking at 30,000 Feet

    Do you love traveling as much as I do? When you're 'in/up for the long haul', what's your drink of…

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  • May072014
    flip flops, abejas

    Essential Vacation Piece: Shoes

    In summer, I admit that I love to tool around in flip flops. Recently however, I've been on the search…

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  • Mar112014
    road trip - Salamander Resort - travel

    Travel: Road Trip Ready

    This should be pretty easy right? Just grab a few items, toss them in a bag and roll out....kinda. I…

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  • Mar102014

    MANly Facts: Travel with Dress Shirts

    Fold dress shirts in bundles - Stack them one atop the other with the arms spread, fold the bundle in…

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