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  • Mar112015

    Top 5 Travel Products

    After 42 hours, 37K feet (x 2), 3 countries, 82+ degrees and 90+ in the daytime, I settled in at…

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  • Mar092015

    Day 1: Bangkok, Thailand

    I'm not even gong to bore you with the nonsense that transpires upon my arrival to Bangkok. Suffice it to…

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  • Jun192012

    Getting The Best Airfare

    I love to jump on a plane and 'be gone' but nowadays it's getting more expensive to do that, so…

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  • Jun142012

    Want Wine, Will Travel

    Do you love to travel? Do you love to drink wine? Do you require some sun? If you answered "yes"…

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  • Apr272012

    5 Must-Do’s in Argentina

    I'm heading to Buenos Aires this fall and I'm psyched ~ it's the 'Paris of the South', so I'm planning…

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  • Apr102012

    Blueprint for Style Hit Tokyo & Fathom Caught It

    Fathom is a cool site started by an ex-Daily Candy editor, Jeralyn Gerba, and Pavia Rosati. Fathom is an online travel…

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  • Oct262011

    Think ‘Travel Chic’

    ML Traveler (in Cannes) One of my favorite accessory designers is Stephanie Johnson and because it's my birthday, I decided to…

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  • May172011

    Step Lively, Travel Right, Look Styly – Day 1

    We're getting you ready for the long Memorial Day weekend with outfits for all 4 days of fun, sun, sand,…

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  • Apr052011

    W.W.F. (Wide World of Fashion): How You Rollin’?

    Sometimes (unfortunately), the difference between a sunny trip in Cancun and an extra day of hassle is just minutes to…

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  • Mar012011

    W.W.F. (Wide World of Fashion) – San Francisco

    San Franciscois home to fabulous boutiques and wonderfully ambitious fashion folks....and now the Hyatt at Fisherman's Wharf is offering you…

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